The medical industry has long depended on BSD Keyboards’ membrane switch and touch screen technology to serve as the user interface for their products. Our custom membrane switches and human machine interfaces offer a professional and finished appearance to a product. 

We design our medical interfaces and keypads with a continuous surface that covers any display or window, as well as the electronics that sit inside of the product. The smooth and continuous surface allows for easy sterilization and cleaning of the custom medical keypad.

In the medical environment, it is crucial for the keypad or interface to be both environmentally sealed and durable. 

BSD utilizes our 30+ years of experience designing and manufacturing membrane switches to provide our customers with a product that will perform and withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


BSD has a graphics solution for your custom requirements. We work constantly to develop new surface coatings, graphics, textures and finishes that differentiate a product or brand from the competition. We have the technology to decorate virtually any substrate to create the high-impact products that consumers are looking for.

Through our technical staff, quality systems, certified test lab, TS-certified facilities and manufacturing capabilities, we are well equipped to support the automotive market.

We provide products and support to the automotive market through smart engineered solutions.

Quality & manufacturability suggestions

Design & alternative construction input

Color development

Risk mitigation

3D and 2D Dials

Visible ‘A’ surface parts (those you see and touch when you get into an automobile)

Molded Bezels (PRNDL, HVAC, Infotainment)

In-Mold Decorating on charging cords (electric vehicle)

Custom products based on customer requirements & expectations

Diffusers (even-lighting)


Touch switch is an electronic device that activates a circuit or command when touched, enabling control with minimal physical contact for enhanced user experience.

The design of a touch switch typically involves a capacitive or resistive sensing mechanism, where a touch from a user changes the electrical field or resistance, triggering a circuit to activate or deactivate a device. It may incorporate a microcontroller for signal processing, ensuring a reliable and responsive interface without mechanical components.


BSD Industrial Control HMI Solutions

Industrial machinery and equipment often require keypads and human machine interfaces that are rugged and built to last in tough environments and extreme temperatures. These custom industrial keypads need excellent tactile response while also being environmentally sealed from water and dirt and the ability to withstand abuse. For industrial controls, we typically recommend a rubber keypad or membrane switch due to their reliability, high tactility, and ability to seal the circuitry and electronics that sit behind it.

Industrial Control User Interface Solutions

With our unlimited design and manufacturing capabilities, BSD Keyboards is able to supply our customers with custom tactile membrane keypads that meets their needs as a user interface and face plate to their product. By working directly with our customers, we are able to engineer and manufacture custom membrane switch and membrane keypad technology that meets specific customer requirements in both performance and visual aesthetics.


BSD Keyboards specializes in the design and production of onboard instrumentation for seafaring vessels. Marine controls and instrumentation face some of the greatest challenges when it comes to the environment they must to perform in. Being constantly exposed to all of the elements marine navigation controls must be able to withstand temperature extremes, constant UV exposure, and extreme moisture levels from driving rain and salt sea spray.

For marine applications, BSD Keyboards typically recommends the rubber keypad construction due to its ability to be IP67 environmentally sealed while maintaining excellent tactile response. We utilize a proprietary coating technology specially formulated for marine and outdoor applications to protect against UV exposure. These rubber keys can also be engineered to have a greater tactile feel than a standard membrane switch, which helps in tough environments especially if the user is wearing gloves. Silicone rubber has also been shown to extend the life of the switch due to its cushioning qualities, and even acts as an EMI barrier.

The ability to mold rubber into any shape or size, allows our engineers to design the rubber so it is sealed and provides a gasket-like benefit. Additionally, BSD will use a proprietary potting technology, specially formulated for the marine environment, to seal and protect the entire keypad from the elements. Elastomer keypad construction also allows for backlighting should the application arise. BSD Keyboards recommends using either a copper flex circuit or printed circuit boards with gold contacts for marine applications due to the environmental demands.


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