Provide customers with integrated technical services such as preliminary product ratio experiments, feasibility studies, process design, factory construction plans, complete equipment supply, installation and commissioning, and realize turnkey projects.


BSD Keyboards User Interface 

And HMI Solutions

BSD Keyboards designs and manufactures user and human machine interface products for a wide variety of industries. 

We have produced keypads for the military which help save lives overseas, as well as keypads for medical equipment to help save lives here at home. 

We have developed and manufactured products to be used on the water, and others for air and space travel. 

BSD has designed and assembled custom food equipment keypads, custom lighting control keypads, custom appliance keypads, CAN/BUS custom keypads, custom automotive keypads, and custom fitness keypads. 

Whatever the industry or application, we are always eager to demonstrate our extensive capabilities as one of the top keyboard manufacturers in the world.

Collaborate & Design

The process starts by collaborating with the customer and can startwith something as simple as adescription or sketch.

The process




Once we have designed the product and received customer approval, we begin the prototyping process.

After prototypes are approved, we enter the product into full scale production

Sustaining and supporting the userinterface throughout the life of the product. CSI is still supporting products that wereoriginally designed 40 years ago.


BSD Product Offering

Tactile or non-tactile metal dome membrane switches

Rubber keypads (molded silicone/elastomer)

Touch screens and display solutions

Full turnkey user interface assemblies

Backlighting solutions including backlit membrane switches and backlit rubber keypads 

Environmentally sealed membrane keypad solutions

Graphic overlays and labels

Capacitive switches

Printed circuit board assemblies

Proprietary rocker switch & toggle switch technology

Proprietary rocker switch & toggle switch technology

Full travel keyboards

Elastomeric, plastic and co-molded enclosures

Flexible circuits

In Mold Decoration

Windows & Lenses

Our Customers

We are committed to excellence in everything we do and look forward to working with you!


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