BSD has a graphics solution for your custom requirements. We work constantly to develop new surface coatings, graphics, textures and finishes that differentiate a product or brand from the competition. We have the technology to decorate virtually any substrate to create the high-impact products that consumers are looking for.

Through our technical staff, quality systems, certified test lab, TS-certified facilities and manufacturing capabilities, we are well equipped to support the automotive market.

We provide products and support to the automotive market through smart engineered solutions.

Quality & manufacturability suggestions

Design & alternative construction input

Color development

Risk mitigation

3D and 2D Dialplate

Visible ‘A’ surface parts (those you see and touch when you get into an automobile)

Molded Bezels (PRNDL, HVAC, Infotainment)

In-Mold Decorating on charging cords (electric vehicle)

Custom products based on customer requirements & expectations

Diffusers (even-lighting)


Collaborate & Design 

The process starts by collaborating with the customer and can startwith something as simple as adescription or sketch.

The Process




Once we have designed the product and received customer approval, we begin the prototyping process.

After prototypes are approved, we enter the product into full scale production

Sustaining and supporting the userinterface throughout the life of the product. CSI is still supporting products that wereoriginally designed 40 years ago.

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Custom Membrane Switch Solutions & Features