Touch switch is an electronic device that activates a circuit or command when touched, enabling control with minimal physical contact for enhanced user experience.

The design of a touch switch typically involves a capacitive or resistive sensing mechanism, where a touch from a user changes the electrical field or resistance, triggering a circuit to activate or deactivate a device. It may incorporate a microcontroller for signal processing, ensuring a reliable and responsive interface without mechanical components.

What is a Touch Switch?

Polyester (PET) Circuits

This thin and lightweight circuit construction allows for fine pitch circuit traces with multi-layer stickups.

Transparent Touch Sensors

Polyimide Circuits

Fabric Circuits

Flexible circuit with printed transparent touch sensors are a cost-effective alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Up to 4-layer circuit constructions with SMT and BGA component mounting capability.

Large format flexible fabric circuit constructions are ideal for apparel and biomedical sensor applications.

Collaborate & Design 

The process starts by collaborating with the customer and can startwith something as simple as adescription or sketch.

The Process




Once we have designed the product and received customer approval, we begin the prototyping process.

After prototypes are approved, we enter the product into full scale production

Sustaining and supporting the userinterface throughout the life of the product. CSI is still supporting products that wereoriginally designed 40 years ago.

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